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Repairing & Maintaining Traditional Windows

under External Building Repair, Maintenance and Preservation under Windows and Window Sachets - Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Duration: 2 days.Location: The Joiners Workshop, Balmoral Castle, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, AB35 5TB
Date: 8th & 9th March 2018Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm

About the Course

This 2 day course will combine expert tuition with valuable hands-on experience, to provide those attending with an understanding of the skills and techniques required in conserving, maintaining and repairing traditional windows.

During the 1680 and 1690’s pulleys and weights were first applied to timber sashes and the sliding sash window was created. The lack of quality glass available at the time led to bulky wooden sashes and limited windowpane areas. During the 18th Century large panes and slimmer sashes became the norm, finally evolving into a wide range of window styles as glass making technology evolved and the number of subdivision of the frame increased. Traditional sash and case windows in houses and crofts reined supreme for two and a half centuries until their widespread use declined in Scotland in the 1950’s. The common use of this form of window construction in pre-1950’s building has led to increasing demand for repair and maintenance skills for timber sash and case windows. The course content will cover:

  • Safety briefing
  • Timber sash and case window structures
  • Window repair tools
  • Assessing and inspecting your windows
  • Cleaning, maintenance and painting
  • Replacing counter weights and re-cording counterweight and pulley systems
  • Repairing timber sash structures
  • Techniques required in repairing and maintaining other types of traditional windows.

Lecturer: Daniel Watson

The Course will be Instructed by Daniel Watson the Clerk of Works at Balmoral Estate, who is also a highly experienced Joiner with a strong conservation background.  Daniel will be assisted by the Balmoral Castle Joiner.  The breadth of knowledge and skills Daniel has gained in meeting the Conservation, Repair and Maintenance requirments of a wide range of Traditional Buildings will be of immese benefit to all attending the Course.

Benefits for your organisation

Demand for training in the skills and techniques required in the repair and preservation of traditional windows continues to grow. This Course will provide those attending with knowledge and understanding critical to meeting the needs of this key element of Scotland's Built Heritage.

Benefits for you as an individual

Expert tuition, combined with practical hands-on experience, for those seeking gain  or enhance their existing skills and capability in meeting the requirements of projects involving the conservation, repair and maintenance of Traditional Windows.

Who this course is most suited to

Joiners, Architects, Building Surveyors, and Private individuals as well as  representatives of  Organisations involved in the conservation, repair and maintenance of Traditional Buildings.


Foundation training.


Tuition, course materials, lunch and light refreshments

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